Personal Assistant
Home Services
  • Waiting for repairmen, contractors, service calls
  • Schedule Home Appointments (landscapers, cable)
  • Housesit (water plants, feed pets, safety-check, mail)
Personal Services
  • Airport/Doctor/Hospital Shuttle (refreshment included)
  • Schedule Personal Appointments (salon, dentist, doctor)
  • Errands (Grocery Shopping, Pharmacy, Dry-Cleaning, etc)
  • Shuttle children/teens to/from school/daycare
  • Personal shopping, returns, & gift wrapping
  • Post Office (supplies, shipments, p.o. box check)
  • Deliver Hot Breakfast/ Healthy Lunch/ Family Dinner
Business Services
  • Administrative Tasks & Office Duties
  • Confirmed Delivery of Important Documents
  • Planning (restaurants, florists, hotels, car rentals)
  • Office Supplies & Employee Appreciation Mementos
  • Fast Breakfast Deliveries/ Luncheons/ Late Dinners
  • And Much More...If there are any services not listed, that you may be interested in, please let us know!

QuickCare can give you back the time to enjoy life, with a renewed since of freedom!  We make it simple & easy to use our unique services!

We specialize in assisting everyday people who lead typical, yet demanding lifestyles, such as Business Professionals, Working Families, New/Expectant Moms, & Seniors.

Our experienced, reliable Personal Assistants will individualize a plan specifically suited to fit your needs.   Since life predicts change, our services allow the flexiblity to change as well!

So experience the difference having your own Personal Assistant can truly make in your life! Please contact us today for your complimentary personalized consultation and schedule an appointment with one of our Personal Assistants!
Our Personal Assistant services are billed at an hourly rate of $20.00. Special Events are billed at a flat rate, based upon the event (please see Special Events or Contact Us for details).  Some services that require driving, such as our courier service, will be charged for mileage, at just 45 cents per mile.
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