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GOBO Monogram or Pattern
(Custom Design & Set-up Included)

We offer a variety of high-quality, gorgeous design and decor rentals for the DIY bride.  Why pay top dollar to create your dream wedding, when you can simply rent the same items at a fraction of the cost!

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LED Uplighting is a very popular and affordable way to add color and ambiance to your ballroom. You can add uplighting to the walls, draperies, ceilings and/or architectural details. 

This is a preview into our Special Event and Wedding Decor rentals.

If you are interested in any of these items for your special event, please call:
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Lighting and GOBOS

Choose from 250 different variations to beautifully match your color scheme or the desired feel you're looking to achieve.  Uplighting can be placed on the floor to shine up columns, ballroom walls or behind trees and other props to give that extra appeal.  They can also be clamped onto railings, trusses or onto tree's for outdoor applications.

Standard package comes with 4 uplighting fixtures and additional fixtures are available.  
Please review our packages below and contact us for more details!

**Set of 4** 
$ 100
**Set of 8**
$  200   

**Set of 16**
$  400  

**Set of 12**
$ 300   

**Set of 20**
$  500  

**A La' Carte**
$  25/per light 


WIDE FLOOD LED PAR 64 RGB Chrome can. Classic chrome theatrical look with state of the art technology.

These LED lights can produce many different effects and colors without using a controller. Just use the dip switches on the rear of the light to mix the colors to produce brilliant shades of purple, pink, magenta and more. Unit size 12 x 11 x 8.5. Weight: 4.0lb.

**New & Hot** A 250watt gobo projector. Has a color wheel that contains many colors. You can stop on a color with the flick of a switch. Uses a 48mm metal or glass gobo . The gobo is placed in it's holder, directly in front of the bulb and held in place with a retaining ring. Gobo can rotate. The image size can be up to 40mm on the gobo. The most popular image size is 39mm. Uses a 24v 250w EVC bulb. Unit size 12x11x6 weight 14 Lbs.

GOBO Lighting Packages